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7 Biker Dating Tips For Single Bikers

Every single biker may wish to get a friend so that they can know each other by participating in biker dating on biker dating site. The site gives an excellent opportunity for motorcycle riders all over the world to participate in motor cycle dating. However, in order to make it successful, single bikers needs to be well conversant with some tips before engaging in biker dating. The following tips will guarantee them success.
Make a wonderful profile. A profile speaks a lot about somebody. Therefore, every single biker needs to come up with a unique and excellent profile that will make him/her stand out from many other bikers already registered on biker dating site. This calls for high level of creativity. Single bikers also need to ensure that their profile pictures are as attractive as possible. Just as they say, a picture is worth 1000 words. It may determine whether friends will consider their requests for dating or turn them down.
Be consistent in logging in. Every single biker should show consistency by looking in to the biker dating site as frequently as possible. This increases the chances of getting a friend for dating purposes. Their profiles will be viewed by many people thus making it easy to find a good match for them. In addition, the biker dating site usually lists and displays the profiles of its active users in the top rank hence increasing chances of success for you as a single biker.
Exercise patience. Single bikers need to be patient enough especially if they do not receive immediate feedback especially if their expectations are high. Therefore, as a single biker, try to understand that the person you are interested in is also receiving numerous similar applications from other people who are participating in biker dating. Maybe he/she is about to respond. So just wait.
Do not give up. As a single biker, don’t ever give up simply because you have not received any positive response out of the many applications you have sent. Some people take time before accessing their email. Or maybe they may have failed to see it due to numerous emails streaming into their inbox. You should therefore try again. You never know. This time round, it may be noticed.

Use your real name. Use of funny names works against you when you are participating in motorcycle dating. Nobody will take you serious just as your name portrays. Use your real name which should show some relationship with you email address. This will boost your chances of getting a partner as a single biker.
Be sincere and say the truth. As a single biker, it is important to be sincere about yourself by telling your friend the truth as you begin dating. Do not hide important details about your marital status because this might spoil the relationship if discovered later. Let him/her know about it right from the word go.
Do not show off. People often associate arrogance to those who show off. Arrogance and love do not mix. Therefore, for you to succeed in bike dating, avoid posting pictures about yourself in big house, on a luxurious car, holding huge amount of money and many more. This will definitely work against you. Avoid it completely.

In conclusion, finding a lover is a wonderful experience. Single bikers should therefore employ the above tips when participating in bike dating. They will surely get friends, build relationships and eventually make a couple if the relationship succeeds. All the best.


Dating someone and being able to maintain the relationship includes having similar interests. Having common interest or a similar passion towards a particular activity, or something unique creates a bond between lovers in any relationship, hence a foundation to grow the relationship. People who share a common passion for bikes can also make a perfect couple. Many biker men and women prefer visiting online dating sites with hope of finding friends or lovers. Biker dating site is a very safe and easy way to find local people who love riding hence it tends to give you an opportunity to meet local biker singles. It also helps you to connect with people who share the same biker lifestyle with you.
There are so many biker dating sites but you need to go for one that is best. Biker planet is one such site for singles that are looking to meet other biker singles. This biker planet review is here to show you just how simple it is to find someone special on biker planet. This site has very many features that can help you connect with other members, search for the exact person you are looking for and save your interests so you can check them out later. It has an audio and video chat room and the ability to instant message other members and be able to talk one on one. More so, it has a feature known as ‘Rapid Match’, which enables you to click ‘like’ or ‘passes on member’s pictures. This is convenient as it helps you to quickly go through members and create a list of people who like you. It is a very great chance for you to check out people.
It has very many profiles to search hence increases the chance of meeting a person who complements your qualities and interests. There is also a variety of ages, which definitely assures you of meeting someone who suits your age preference. You can enjoy these features for free but free members do not get to enjoy all the features available. Paying members tend to access more features, which help them connect more with other members and hence put them at a higher chance of finding love than free members.
Biker planet is also very easy to use. Everything is displayed on the home page and you can easily see how many messages you have as well as all your other stats. All you need is displayed in your left side bar; top black menu and contact lick which is in the bottom menu. When you are a paid member, there are many more options for search than when you are a free member. Free members can however search for other members who are close to them and also have photos.
Biker planet is ranked the number one dating platform for people who love bikes. With its fantastic features, you will definitely love it. It is worth your time and energy. This is where you need to be if you are a bike enthusiast looking for a partner of like mind and similar interests.

You Know You Need Another Biker Person When You’re on the Biker Planet Dating Review Site

You Know You Need Another Biker Person When You’re on the Biker Planet Dating Review Site

We have the freedom to whether pass the word on to other people or not about our experiences on things. For example, when it comes to movies, we tell people what we think about it. Do we like it, hated it or neutral? It is the same thing as being on the biker planet review site. When we found someone off of that site, we know that we succeed. Unfortunately, success doesn’t reach everyone that craves it. If it works that other person you like likes you back, that means you did something right. It should be more than just looks. The personality should match or be even better than just looks. As a general rule of thumb, think about what you want from the other person that you want to do and be with. Some of us are short term kind of person while others think on a longer term basis when it comes to relationship.
At least on the biker planet site, everyone understands the bikers life. Since you are one, the site is perfect for you. For one thing, the bikerplanet cater to everyone. That’s why the site works for people that are bikers. With that being said, it means everyone agree that being a biker rocks!! Why not transcend that excitement into the site? Take the time to look at the people’s profile. If that person interest you, message them. You can even chat up with them and if they respond right back, there is a chance that person is interested in you too.
Being on the bikers planet will give you the opportunity to talk all about the biker planet dating scene. The words and background colors are easy on the eyes while navigating on the site is easy as well. When the words and background colors are blended in together, that should tell you it’s not good. you need to change that. You can’t go wrong with this online dating scene especially since you area capable of doing this on your own and fixing your own dating scene by getting together with someone on the site. Do not take it personally if the person you like on the biker dating site doesn’t respond back to you. You should see it that maybe you’re not meant to know one another on an intimate level as bikers. There are lots of biker folks that you can get along with whether as just for dating purposes but you can also find a friend or two from there as well. Just like many of the social media sites, this site is perfect for biker folks.
If you don’t know anyone else whom you can share the dating life with, the biker planet review site is perfect for you. You have the option of which person you want to get with as well as whom to ignore. The dating life can be frustrating. Some people are lucky enough to find someone right away while for others, it takes longer. When you find one another off of the Biker planet review site, you will one day look back and said you found each other on there. You haven’t look back since then and you’re proud of it.

Review of BikerKiss Biker Kiss Login

These days more and more people are meeting their significant others on online dating sites. If you search for them you can find a dating site for just about anything. There is an unlimited number of them out there on the inter-web. It is hard to pick which dating site is the best one for you, or whether it is even a legitimate site. Dating is hard enough, no one wants to waste their time on a site that is not going to give them the results that they want. After signing up and testing it out here is my review of

The general idea of seems very intriguing. People want to meet others with similar interests and this site gives bikers that opportunity. Although the overall idea and intention of the website is awesome, it doesn’t seem like there is very much activity on the site. If you look at the forums on most of the posts are people saying “is anyone out there?” and most of the threads are years old. Just from this you can tell that people are having a hard time finding users in their area, and the fact that there just is not many active users. After doing a google search it is very evident that most people want to know if this site is real or if it is a scam. It seems as though the site and the users are legitimate, just most of them are inactive. I thought I would try to dig a little further to see if there was any activity going on on the site. After sending around twelve messages to users I came across on the site, I received zero replies. This shows just how few people actually use the site. After researching other reviews on this website, it seems as if reaches out to biker magazine journalists and other biker enthusiasts with an internet presence to make accounts and refer their friends and readers. This just shows how desperate they really are for users.

The website itself doesn’t seem to be updated frequently. It really feels like a ghost town, as if it was created, thrown out to the world and abandoned. It is beyond simplistic, which can be good and bad. It is easy to use, but also does not have many features to pick from. This site probably is not worth the time you are going to waste trying to find someone close enough to you to talk to, let alone someone you might like.

The fact that the site is free to join is probably the only motivator to sign up. It is always worth a shot if you have nothing to lose. The site has a “success stories” page, so it is possible to meet someone great on this site, it just might be harder than it would be on a more popular dating site. I would recommend joining another free dating site that has a high user count and mentioning in your bio that you are looking for fellow bikers. I think you have a better chance of finding a significant other who is also a biker on a different site, simply because of the high traffic.

BikeOrNot: The Biker Social Network

People who use the BikerOrNot social network may finally be able to connect with the bikers that they have been hoping to meet for years. This is a biker social network that can help people locate bikers who are more local, while also allowing them to meet bikers that may be living halfway around the world. Location is not a problem with it comes to the Bikers or Not social network. People who are interested in biking have been able to meet people on this social network for a long time. This is a great place whether one is a biker or not, in more ways than one.
One of the interesting things about the Biker or Not social network is that it is literally a place for the people who are bikers or not. Some people are not bikers themselves, but they enjoy riding on the backseat of motorcycles as other people ride. People can actually specify that this is their interest, and from there, they should be able to find the arrangement and pairing that best suits them. Lots of people really just want to be able to enjoy the ride. They’re not interested in learning an entirely new skill. People should be able to appreciate bikes from the backseat, and they will be able to do so with this biker social network that doesn’t not exclusively cater to bikers. This is not just a place for die-hard fans, although they are also welcome.
One of the great things about this biker social network is that it is not simply a dating site, although people can certainly use it in order to meet other bikers who share the same interests for the sake of eventually dating. People can set up events that center on biking, and they can invite other people who might be interested in attending those events at the same time. This is ultimately a social network, and not simply a matchmaking service. People can go here looking for friends and no acquaintances, forming a group in the process. As such, is going to be that much more versatile than many of its competing websites.
Lots of people end up spending a lot of money on online dating, to the point where they will have to set aside a lot of money in a given budget in order to try to find their future partners. The great thing about this biker social network is that joining it is entirely free. A lot of people are going to log into the website through their Facebook accounts. They really aren’t going to need to provide a lot of information in order to join the website. They will need to create passwords, provide display names, and then offer the email address that they are going to use for the sake of their interactions with However, other than that, becoming a part of this particular online community is going to be a breeze for absolutely everyone involved.

Biker Dating Tips for Single Bikers

Dating is a scary topic especially when having to get back into it. Either you’re new in the dating field or been around it for quite some time, being single sometimes have its drawbacks. Since you’re one of the biker singles, there are some tips and tricks to use in order to make it into a success. As single bikers, our job is to find the right people whom we have things in common with which is being a biker.
  1. Look at the difference between good and bad pictures. What you post up online can either get you dates or not. If you look like crap, you might get a few response or not any. It all depends on whether you look horrible in your pictures or not. If you’re not sure, ask other people for their opinion.
  2. Take the time to dress good or, even better, great. How you present yourself to potential dates will either get you more dates or get dumped as one of the biker singles. Never dress sloppy when you’re meeting someone. It speaks volume more than you realize. The ladies would get turned off if you dress sloppy just like if you see them in sweats and looking like crap.
  3. Confidence will go a long way. Never talk negatively about yourself as well as other people. What you say about other people means you’re willing to gossip. You don’t want to “accidentally” say the wrong thing especially if you met each other on one of the biker dating sites. Smile a lot and your sense of humor will outshine which will make you look even more attractive.
  4. Add in things about yourself like some hobbies and what you like to do. Do not list your personal number unless you want some random crazy person to contact you. Home address should not be mentioned as well. You never know when some person you don’t like from the biker dating sites to show up out of nowhere especially if you’re trying to get rid of them.
  5. Relax when creating your motorcycle dating profile. Do not stress over on how to create yours. Just make your look original and put in things that you want to share with the world where you won’t put yourself in danger. Being a biker dating single may be scary but once you get over the initial shock, everything else will fall into place.
Now that you have these tips and ideas, you should now get started so you can get a date or two. You now have more option since the internet is available. It is much better than our grandparents generation when the internet didn’t exist. We all need someone in our life and it’s high time that you have someone to call your own. As a lifelong commitment of finding someone to spend the rest of your life with or something outside of a relationship, make your profile stand out in comparison to your competitor. The first step is to get started instead of thinking about how to do things.

Types of Harley Davidson motorcyle review

Finding the right Harley involves careful research. It’s best to begin with the features that you will require and what you intend to use it for. Everyone is different so it pays to plan in advance. Next, consider your personality, the style, performance and appearance. With a little time and thought, beforehand you can more easily find the perfect choice that will bring you years of enjoyment and great performance. This review of Harley Davidson motorcyles is intended to highlight the different types, unique features and performance statistics to help you on your way in pinpointing the ideal Harley motorcycle that will meet all of your needs.

Harley Davidson Street 500

This Harley comes in Vivid Black stock color with additional color option. Available with California Emissions. The length is 87.6 inches with laden seat height of 25.7 in and unladen 28 inches. Groud clearance in 5.7 inches, steering head of 32 degrees, trail of 4.5 inhes, wheelbase of 60.4 inches and fuel capacity of 3.5 gallons with 64.4 mpg combined city and highway. Black two in one exhaust with black 7 spoke cast aluminum wheels with machined rim front and back. 2 piston floated front and rear brakes and engine torque of 29.5 ft lb. at 3500 with primary drive of gear with 36/68 ratio.

Harley Davidson Street 750

The Street 750 features vivid black stock with color option and California Emissions option. The length of the bike is 87.6 iches with laden seat height of 25.7 inches, unladen is 26 inches. Grond clearance is 5.7 inches with 32 degree steering head. Trail is 4.5 inches with a 60.4 inch wheel base. Fuel capacity is 3.5 gallons at 54.5 combined highway and city mpg. 2 piston floated front and rear brakes with an engine torque of 44.5 ft lb. at 4000 rpm. Primary drive is gear with 36/68 ratio.

Sportster SuperLow

Available in stock vivid black with color and two tone option with additional ABS, California Emissions and security options for a little bump in price. Bike length is 87.6 inches with laden seat height of 25.5 inches, 27.4 unladen. Ground clearance is 3.9 inches and 31.1 degree steering head. Trail is 5.7 in with 59.1 in wheel base. Fuel capacity is 4.5 gallons with combined hwy and city mpg at 51. Chrome staggered shorty exhaust with dual mufflers. Wheels are black split 5 spoke with machined rim front and back. Engine torque is at 53.8 ft lb. at 3750 rpm. Primary drive is chain with 34/57 ratio.

Sportster Iron 883

2012 Harley-Davidson Sportster Iron 883 XL883N; Action Shot; Parked; 3/4 Back; Blue; H-D; Cruiser
The Iron 883 is available with color option including Hard Candy Cane, security , ABS and California Emissions if desired. The length of the bike is 85.8 inches with seat height, laden of 25.7 in and unladen, 28.9. Ground clearnace is 4.3 in, steering head at 30 degrees, trail is 4.6 in and the wheelbase is 59.6 in. The fuel capacity is 3.3 gallons with a combined city and highway rating of 51 mpg. The exhaust is chrome staggered shorty with dual mufflers. The wheels are black 9 spoke with machined highlights front and back. Brakes are dual piston front and rear. Engine torque is 53.8 ft lb at 3750 rpm. The primary drive is chain with a 34/57 ratio.

Sportster 1200 Custom

Available in vivid black with color and two tone optioon. Aslo has security, ABS and California Emissions options. Length of the bike is 87.6 inches with seat height, lade of 26.6, unladen 28 in, ground clearance of 4.3 in and steering head is 30 degrees. Trail is 4.2 in with a wheelbase of 59.8 inches. The fuel capacity is 4.5 gallons with a rating of 48 mpg combined highway and city. The exhaust is chrome staggered with slash cut mufflers. Wheels are chrome 5 spoke cat aluminum front and rear. Brakes are dual piston and engine torque is 70.8 ft lb at 3500 rpm. Primary drive is chain with 38.57 ratio.

Sportster Seventy-Two

The Seventy-Two has available color option and Hard Candy Cane coloroption. It also has security,ABS and California Emissions options available. Bike length is 89.6 inches with seat height, laden of 26.9 inches adn 28.5 unladen. Ground clearance is 5.2 inches with 30.1 degree steering head. Trail is 5.3 inches with a wheelbase of 60.6 inches. The fuel capacity is 2.1 gllons with 48 combined city and highway mpg ratings. The exhaust is chrome dual shorty. Wheels are chrome steel laced with custom whitewall tires front and rear. Brakes are dual piston front and rear. Engine torque is 70.8 ft lb at 3500 rpm. The primary drive is chain with a 38.57 ratio.

Sportster Forty-Eight

The Forty-Eight is available in vivid black with color option and hard candy color option. Also available with security, ABS and California Emissions options. Length of the bike is 85 inches with seat height laden of 26.2 in and unladen, 27.3 in. Grond clearance is 3.9 in, trail is 5.3 in and steering head of 30.2 degrees. Wheel base is 59.3 inches. Fuel capacity is 2.1 gallons with fuel rating of 48 mpg combined highway and city. Chrome staggered shorty exhaust with dual slash mufflers. Wheels are black split 9 spoke cast aluminum with machined highlights. The brakes are dual piston front and rear. Engine torque is 70.8 ft lb at 3500 rpm. The primary drive is chain with a 38.57 ratio.

Sportster Superlow 1200T

The 1200T is available in vivid black with color, 2 tone and custom color options. Also available with security, ABS and California Emissions as options. The bike length is 87.6 inches with seat height, laden of 26.13 in and 27.7 unladen. Ground clearance is 4.2 inches, steering head of 31.1 degrees, trail is 5.7 in and the wheel base is 59.1 in. The fuel capacity is 4.5 gallons with combined city and highway ratings of 48 mpg. Closed loop exhaust system. Wheels are black/silver split 5 spoke cast aluminum front and rear. Dual piston brakes, engine torque of 70.8 ft lb at 3500 rpm. Primary drive is chain with 38/57 ratio.

Dyna Street Bob

This bike is available in vivid black with color option, two tone option and hard candy color option. Security, ABS and California Emissions also available. The length of the bike is 94.3 in with seat hight, laden of 25.5 in and 26.8 unladen. Ground clearance is 4.7 in with steering head at 29 degrees, trail is 4.7 in and wheel base is 64.2 in. The fel capacty is 4.7 gallons with combined city and highway mpg rating at 43. Chrome staggered shorty exhaust with dual tapered mufflers and black steel laced wheels. Brakes are 4 piston front with 2 piston torque free floating in the rear. Engine torque is 98.8 ft lb at 3000 rpm. Primary drive is chain with 34/46 ratio.

Dyna Low Rider

This motorcycle is available in vivid black with color, 2 tone and custom color option. Also available with Wheel otion, ABS, security and California Emissions. Length of the bike is 92.3 in with seat height, laden at 25.4 in and unladen, 26.8 in. Ground clearance is 4.1 in with steering head of 30.5 degrees, trail of 5.1 in and wheel base of 64.2 in. Fuel capacity is 4.7 gallons with a combined highway and city rating of 42 mpg. New 2 into 1 exhaust with deep rumbler. Wheel option style available. Black split 5 spoke cast aluminum wheels on front and rear. Brakes are 4 piston fixed in front with 2 piston torque free floating on the rear. Engine torque of 102 ft lb at 3500 rpm. Primary drive is chain with 34/46 ratio.
These are ten selected models of the huge assortment in the Harley Davidson 2016 lineup in review. Each machine has its own unique features including a variety of options, styles and sizes. For riding comfort and satisfaction, there is a wide variety of models available with some customization options to suit your individual tastes and requirements.